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     Jay Gilliford currently lives and produces his wood carvings at his home in Ft. Myers, Florida. He grew up in Wayne, Pennsylvania and has been a Pennsylvania resident all his life, until moving recently to sunny Florida in 2008.  Jay has been married to his lovely wife, Carol for nearly 40 years and they have two daughters, Amanda and Jennifer. They also has a granddaughter named Miya who is two and a half.

     Jay is also a veteran of the U.S. armed forces. He spent three years in the army during the Vietnam era.  During that time he was percussionist in the army band. While still living in Pennsylvania, Jay had also shared his expertise in percussion with his church family in Thorndale, PA from time to time.

     Jay has always had a passion for nature, particularly for birds and bird watching.  In combination with his interest in wood and wood carving, his passion for birds has led him to become quite skilled in bird carving and to produce the many beautiful projects that are showcased here on his wood carving website.